How I became an Artist Printmaker

I've always been an outside observer of the world around me. In my art I want to absorb modern life as I see it, then simplify, try to make some sense of it, create order through colour and shape. Each print or painting feels like a window into it's own story. 

After studying Graphic Design at Brighton University graduating in 2006, I began a blog of the daily drawings I was making in my sketchbook. Through this blog I landed a few illustration jobs, and my confidence in my ability as a visual artist grew. I kept up my personal sketchbook work, honing my drawing style through many hours of practice.

I took a short course in relief printmaking in 2013 where I was introduced to woodcut and linocut techniques. At the time I saw the course as a way of experimenting further with drawing, carving into a block, inking it up and printing it instead of making marks on a sheet of paper. By the time the course was over, the whole process had me completely hooked, and after investing in an A3 second hand book press on ebay for £100, a drying rack and roller from Lawrence Art Supplies, I was all set up in my home studio...


2014 - 2017

Printmaking for me began as a way of developing my drawing practice - I hadn't ever really considered it something I could make regular income from. But after getting regular sales through my online shop, something which really started picking up in 2016, I was able to drop more and more hours at my day job in order to dedicate more time to my burgeoning career as a printmaker.

Along with online sales and selling at fairs and exhibitions, I was approached by greetings card companies who wanted to produce some of my designs as cards. In 2015 my 'Marathon' linocut print was chosen by Angie Lewin to be part of The Masters Relief Printmaking exhibition at Bankside Gallery, London and in 2017 I was selected to be part of Brighton Print Fair where I was awarded the Pressing Matters prize for printmaking.



There are some great articles and interviews about me written by super people which you can read online here and here (if you wish) or better yet you could purchase issue 3 of Pressing Matters magazine here in which I was lucky enough to be featured.