Royal Academy Summer Show BBC 2 programme 2018 appearance


After being shortlisted for the Royal Academy's 250th Summer Exhibition earlier this year, I was contacted by the BBC who asked if I'd be interested in being filmed for a documentary they were putting together about the exhibition. I watch this programme every year so knew that part of it was about following three shortlisted artists who were hoping to make it in to the exhibition with their piece. Usually it's a case of some hopefuls making it through, some not, and you follow all three through the experience, learning a little about them, their work, watching as they hand their shortlisted piece in, then watching as they check the email at home in anticipation of making it into the show - a dramatic and somewhat emotional climax near the end of the programme.

Despite knowing there was a chance I'd be rejected from making it into the RA show, and that moment being recorded and broadcast across the UK, as well as generally not being at ease with the thought of being filmed for a TV show in general (I'm classically introverted) I said yes! Thinking, at least if I didn't make it into the RA, being on TV would make for great exposure in itself. Watching the show in previous years I've never forgotten some of 'hopefuls' they interviewed. What did I have to loose?


'Cassette Tapes' - linocut 50 x 50cm - edition of 15. Selected for the RA Summer Exhibition 2018 - now sold out.

'Cassette Tapes' - linocut 50 x 50cm - edition of 15. Selected for the RA Summer Exhibition 2018 - now sold out.

If you're based in the UK you can watch the programme on iplayer here (until 16th July 2018).

If not, below are a few screen-grabs from my appearances in the show (click image to see full size) - if you'd rather watch the show not knowing if I make it into the exhibition or not, don't scroll down! As the screen grabs kind of give it away..

Getting into the RA Summer Exhibition has genuinely been one of my main ambitions as a printmaker, so not only making it in, but having that moment caught on film and broadcast across the UK.... how bizarre! But how wonderful. The BBC crew, who I met up with four times in total for the filming, were all very lovely people who did a good job of putting me at ease (or, as much at ease as was possible - I don't think I'll ever feel completely relaxed having a camera pointed at me).

Before the programme was broadcast, in fact before the exhibition was open to the public, I was told by the RA that my print had sold out. I was totally bowled over by this - to think my print had sold out in a matter of a few days when the exhibition was open for two months!

I've been contacted by a few people who just missed out on purchasing a Cassette Tapes print, so I've decided to create a new version - 'Cassette Tapes - B Side' ! Using different tape designs and colours. I have a growing waiting list for this print already so if you are interested, please get in touch.

You can see 'Cassette Tapes' up at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition until August 19th (it's number 1184 and is up in new Sackler Gallery up the stairs alongside lots of other prints). Go along if you get the chance - this years show is very vibrant and full of fun, thanks to Grayson Perry and his team. I'm so so delighted I was chosen to be part of it!