Printing final layer of Marathon linocut print with wooden spoon

When I created the drawing for this print I knew it would be too large for me to print using my press, so I'd have to print it by hand using a barren (in this case I'm using a wooden spoon). It's the first time I've created a print in this way, as well as the first time I've printed on such delicate Japanese paper, the use of which makes hand-printing a lot easier as it's so absorbent you can see the work appearing as you rub with the barren (see first and second photos).

Spending such time so close to the print, watching as the ink is absorbed, you're getting a really thorough 'feel' for the layering up of the print which is really satisfying. Plus it feels like the entire work is created at your own hand - no machines have helped you - which I think makes it feel all the more unique and 'hand made'.

You can see this print at Bankside Gallery, London as part of The Masters relief printmaking exhibition until November 15th.

Hannah Forward1 Comment