In the works...

I've been working on several new prints at once lately. Below are the pen drawing designs I've created - in the case of Pool Skaters and Jazz Club I've scanned in my original drawings then printed out copies onto A4 paper. Then I've cut them out and arranged them into a composition. All the original drawings are now stuck up on my studio wall (see forth photo down).

Couples Dancing - linocut composition - felt pens and black fineliner

Pool Skaters - linocut composition - printed cutouts collaged onto paper

Jazz Club - linocut composition - printed cutouts arranged on paper

Pool Skaters and Jazz Club original drawings on studio wall

Once I'm happy with the composition of the image I want to make into a print, I decide how I want to separate the colours (usually into four to six separate lino block layers). I then trace each layer onto separate sheets of tracing paper cut very accurately to the same size as the image - below I'm in the process of tracing the dark blue layer of Pool Skaters.

The dark blue layer of Pool Skaters traced

Here are all six layers traced, one of top of the other - so you can see the image emerging

Next I will cut the lino blocks to size (exactly the same size as the tracing paper sheets) and then flip the tracing paper over so the pencil marks are against the lino block. Then I'll scrub the back of the tracing paper so the image is transferred onto the block (although it will now be a mirror image).

Now - off to buy a LOT of lino! And sharpen those tools...

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