Hannah studied graphic design at Brighton University, graduating in 2006. She then went on to become an illustrator, creating work for clients such as The Guardian and The Finnish Refugee Council. She now works primarily as a printmaker in her Hove-based studio, specialising in multi-layered, colour linocut prints.

"I love to explore the possibilities of shape and colour through printmaking. I start by sketching out a composition then begin to add in shape and colour using coloured pens and pencils. The design for the print that starts to emerge is a combination of experiences recalled through memory and looking through my photograph archive for images that appeal to me.

I create swatches to test out how the inks will looks when they overlay each other, and using these experiments I begin to pair down the colours I will use to create the image into separate layers. How the image turns out is always a surprise, and it's the unpredictable nature of relief printmaking, along with results that are often so satisfying, that keep me wanting to explore and experiment further with the medium.

The subject matter of my work often relates to people, and what they choose to do in their spare time or social time with others. I want to try and get across a sort of truth about the way we live now, how it feels, what it looks like, with particular emphasis on the apparently less remarkable aspects of modern life than are often overlooked in art."

Upcoming Exhibitions

- Printworks Exhibition - Mill Tye Gallery, Suffolk - 7th October - 26th November 2017


- The Pressing Matters Art Prize - awarded at Brighton Print Fair September 2017

Christmas 2017 Fairs and Open House

- Etsy Christmas Market - 2nd December Brighton Dome

- Festive Open House - 25-26 Nov, 2-3 and 9-10 Dec


Past Exhibitions

- September 2017 - Brighton Print Fair, Phoenix Arts Center, Brighton - 15th-24th Sept

- November 2016 - Shared Histories, group exhibition, 5th Base Gallery, London E1

- November 2015 - The Masters 2015, Relief Printmaking Exhibition, Bankside Gallery London, official selection with 'Marathon' linocut

- October 2014 - Affordable Art Fair, Battersea London

- September 2014 - National Original Print Exhibition, Bankside Gallery London, official selection with 'Cinema' linocut