Hannah studied graphic design at Brighton University, graduating in 2006. She then went on to become an illustrator, creating work for clients such as The Guardian and The Finnish Refugee Council. She now works primarily as a printmaker in her Hove-based studio, specialising in multi-layered, colour linocut prints.

Hannah's work captures the everyday social events in modern life that often go unrecorded in contemporary art. Taking photographs as a starting point, or drawing purely from memory, she creates the compositions using coloured pens and pencils. She then transfers them onto blocks of lino which she then carves using linocut tools. Individual blocks are then printed separately, each a different colour layer that builds up and reveals the final image.

"There's something about the physical effort, yet meditative slowness of relief printmaking that really appeals to me. To capture something of the feeling of living in the time we live in now by taking a really close look at what we spend our social time doing, and quietly brooding over these events using paint brushes and pencils and ink, this holds a real fascination for me."


- The Pressing Matters Art Prize - awarded at Brighton Print Fair September 2017



- September 2017 - Brighton Print Fair, Phoenix Arts Center, Brighton - 15th-24th Sept

- November 2016 - Shared Histories, group exhibition, 5th Base Gallery, London E1

- November 2015 - The Masters 2015, Relief Printmaking Exhibition, Bankside Gallery London, official selection with 'Marathon' linocut

- October 2014 - Affordable Art Fair, Battersea London

- September 2014 - National Original Print Exhibition, Bankside Gallery London, official selection with 'Cinema' linocut

- November 2013 - 'Whatever Next' Exhibition, Mile End Gallery, London

- May 2011 - Brighton & Hove Open Houses - 212 Portland Road, next to Lawrences Art Shop, West Hove trail